Recently, 12 departments including the China Internet Information Office and the China Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “Cyber Security Review Measures.”

The relevant person in charge of the China Internet Information Office stated that the “Measures” clearly stipulate the content to be reviewed. It can be seen from this that the purpose of cybersecurity review is to maintain national cybersecurity, not to restrict or discriminate against foreign products and services. Opening to the outside world is our basic national policy. Our policy of welcoming foreign products and services into the Chinese market has not changed.

When traditional marketing meets the digital technology era, will it be effective to follow the internet operation blankly? In the era of digital internet marketing, consumers and brands are inseparable from the internet. The goal of all marketing business strategies is to make consumers buy.

In an environment where brand value is increasingly important, sound volume represents popularity, and social software has become inseparable from people. “Strategy” and “creative” are the two main points of advertising success. How to persuade people to follow, identify, share and buy is the most important thing to implement a successful marketing program.

In the overall market, too much information and different network operation methods are constantly being offered to consumers. What tools brands are starting to lose in order to be accurately seen. The operation methods in different industries and different fields are different. It is necessary to understand that this competition is not only comparing with itself, but also keeping pace with the times and combining several degrees.

With the market trend, the advertising industry needs to be full of enthusiasm and curiosity is the most basic attitude. Modern people rely on the Internet and social platforms, and industry players need to change the original advertising logic and concepts according to popular tastes. This is not only a new challenge for customers or owners.

Connect customers’ brands with consumers, explore and find consensus together, see the bright spots and pain points that customers see in the brand, and discover the potential advantages they don’t see. Using the current online resources, we can find out the positioning and importance of the brand.

The environment and the market are changing drastically. Innovation and interactivity are the most eye-catching today.

How to find innovation and creativity?

The creative idea is more interesting than who is it, who touched me, and made a resonating advertisement. Through close communication and responding to customer needs, accurately propose innovative and creative, overall advertising solutions. “Let the advertisement be no longer just a general advertisement, but a deep story.”

In the context of media explosion, online media brings a new perspective to the general public. In pursuit of a new sense of freshness, people always stand by consumers to watch products, and insist on standing by brands to look at products. Find out the public’s preferences, grab the audience’s attention, and generate the volume of the topic. Traditional words can always bring people warmth and emotion.

You need to be more aware of the trend of the Internet to provide a complete source of media services and create borderless connections.